……….grateful for….My Town

Okay so technically, Brampton isn’t really a town.
It’s city. With over 640,000 people in it.
That’s a lot.
And we’re part of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) here in the southern part of Ontario.
So, thats like, another 6-9 million people. Thats a lot of people.

But the cool thing is, Brampton is like a small town.

We can go places and run into people we know.
I like that.
Hey look, it’s the Mayor Linda J!!
Farmers Market
My street; the heritage section. Brampton’s as old as Canada is.
“New” City Hall
Chingcousy (Sheen-coo-see) Park
At Ching Park

Downtown Brampton,  Garden Square. Always all sorts of things going on down here in the Summer.

“Old” City Hall
 Canada is celebrating being 150 years old as an official Nation! Woot!
 Farmers markets, Winter Markets, Horse drawn carriage rides, Bands, entertainment, movie nights…
and two of the BEST ice cream shops around. Pizza Cones (what?!? YASSSS Pizza cones), amazing restaurants, B-town is the place to be.
I like it, anyway.

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