I am grateful for….My Work

I think that in this insane world, sometimes we need to sit back

 amidst all this rush rush instant ping now hurry up …and just….sit still and be grateful. 
To realize the little things that are actually big things. 
This week, I am SO grateful and thankful for my career.
I have toured for over 15 years with my show, The Limeybirds

I’m a professional perfomer – a singer, actor, dancer, model, you name it.
I’ve been super fortunate in my career to be able to entertain all over the world.
I love every moment of being on stage. 
It’s been great fun

Hopefully inspiring future generations

having WAY too much fun making fun of ourselves and each other
Mostly, staying out of trouble
Transitioning into film and shooting commercials

Travelling to NYC to see Hamilton…woot!

Working live interactive Murder Mysteries with some of the most INCREDIBLY talented people

My ‘husband’ and me, the craz

From playing a terrible senator who kills for fun

To a Proud Parent

To a naughty wench with wicked a capella wit

To Billy Sue in the Poodle Skirts

The Dread Pirate Bunnie

I’ve loved every moment. 
Being grateful for my adorable agent, my supportive husband, and everyone who said “yes, you can!” over the years.
Thanking the powers that be for the talent and drive that keeps me going.


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