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Holy cow. Summer 2017 FLEW by!
Anyone else super bummed we have to wait a year and a half until Game of Thrones returns? 
*raises hand*
Now it’s back to school, back to the ol’ grind….
And it’s nearly Harvest time for my garden!
Some prep going on already….
First year with the new Potato Bin…. never had taters grow so high! Can’t wait to see…..
Mint, Impatiens and Sage…hiding…..
 Last week was a really nice week; sunshiny days and cool evenings. I pulled out my handy dandy Salton food dehydrator….and got to work. 
Man. The house smelled SO Fresh and yummy!
Gotta grow your own….CATNIP!
 I usually hang the catnip to dry; the oils in the air make the cats go bonkers.
Parsley, Sage,  Basil & Thyme…and Zucchini!
Stripping thyme leaves…for compound butter for Thanksgiving….
 What’s happening in your corner of the world?

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