Boo! Catching UP

Did I scare ya? Did I?
I love Halloween. I’m just a big kid really.
So you know that saying “When it Rains, it Pours…”? 
Yeah that was October for me….
Here’s some catching up done in photos!
My Shopper’s Drug Mart Flu Shot Campaign photos are everywhere!

Some stress baking led to Sallys’ Baking Addiction Layered Banana Cake

OMG. Full disclosure this is YUMMY AND I ate half the frosting that’s why this cake is naked.

One day in particular was rough at the office.

Who wants to do 250 pay out cheques?!

A terrible storm blew through and this was the end result.

It was the most vibrant rainbow I’ve ever seen.

Fall is here! Stocking up on essentials while cheap….veggie lasagna, shells and more.

3/4 way done my first sweater!

I knew it was time to put on the duvet when 3 quilts and 3 cats still wasn’t warm enough.

A small car accident wrecked my car. 🙁 So sad. Best car ever.

Costume I made for a Wild West Murder Mystery…..

Corn fields at sunset…no filter!

ummmmmm okay????
What’s happening in your world?

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