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It seems every time I turn around; life has zoomed into hyperdrive, and then it’s 2 months (or more…eek) since my last post.
Here’s some catching up! My life in photos…. mostly…December. Enjoy.
Went to get my hair cut…..I liked this.
Buuuuut I ended up with this. When you’re an actor, you don’t mess with your headshots.
My Flu Shot is all across Canada in Shopper’s Drug Marts.

SUPER moon!

Projects galore…..

Tree was up!

NEW Christmas lights….Pink, of course!

It got really cold. And kept getting colder.

Tiger Woods!!! (not really)

The most fun at work…this is Judi!

Took the brother to Rainforest Cafe…he’d never been.

Hittin’ up all the Targets as we cross border shopped!

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