Christmas Baking. In March. Whatever.

So I’m a bit behind.
Oh well.
It’s MARCH Christmas baking.
So I love to bake. And I love to make messes. But I’m also the most impatient baker you’ll ever meet.
I dont’ usually mess around with squidgy details or make stuff super pretty or fancy.
THEN I started hanging out with (some of the most amazing women I’ve never met) this Facebook group of Sallys’ Baking Addiction fans. I love that this group of total strangers comes together and hangs out and chats about baking. And SO supportive!! 
I recommend finding this group and hanging out…it’s like having a group of sisters and moms and grandmas ready to help with pretty much any situation.
So there were some baking challenges to work on or gain new skills. Here’s some photos…enjoy.
Ahem. Cuz it’s not festive baking without the festive.

Royal Icing decorated sugar cookies!

So. Many. Cookies.

Gingerbread in progress. Watching “The Holiday”. Because Jude Law.

This made me laugh really hard.

The trees.

Christmas Eve party spread!

And….more cookies!!!

First year making a Christmas tree gingerbread table centre!

It was fun. But a lot of work. Tasty.

The Bird.

It got cold.

And colder.

And then we went right into stupid cold.

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