When Life Gives you Lemons…on sale….

I was at my local grocer the other day. And Lemons were SUPER on sale.
Okay. So I might have gone overboard.
But I really like lemons. I love the bright colour, and loooooove the zingy zip they give when you cook with lemon.
I’ll put lemon on anything.
I even like just plain lemon water. Love it.

 Mid way. I make messes.

I was craving lemon pound cake the other day. And coconut. And creamy buttery lemony curd too.
Lookit. Just lookit. Yum.
I don’t like store bought. (Am I a snob? I’m totally a snob) It seems like all I can taste is the additives and colouring. Ick.
SO…. here’s my Lemon Loaf, I used it exactly as written by Seasons and Suppers.
Recipe via link here.  So easy, and so so so so yummy!!!
I used Sallys’ Baking Addiction amazing recipe for the curd.. the curd …oh wow….TO DIE FOR
Stop what you’re doing and go make it now!!!
Lemon loaf (and Eggie bakes) as they cooled.

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