Planting & Spring Planning


I love my garden.
But we live in a region where it’s just not safe to plant little defenseless seeds in the ground until oh, June.
But then our season can be so short…that doesn’t make sense. 
Your garden is just getting started ….when the blast of furnace heat hits mid August and then it’s cold by September.
Le sigh.
SO what to do?!
Right now I’m starting my flower bed flowers. Marigolds, Morning Glories, Coneflowers, and a few others. I’ll start the veggies a little later on in April; they have their own fancy greenhouses.
Start your seeds early, indoors.
Here’s my mini slice of heaven, so far!

Soak your Morning GLories for a day or two, until they sprout.

Teeny tiny sprouts!
Transfer to potting soil. I use a blend of peat, organic seed starter, and potting soil. All “Pro Mix”.
A little patience, and a warm spot out of the reach of furry friends.

I try to save & harvest as many seeds each year as I can. Storing them in paper bags.
Mixing my dirt – I love the “Pro Mix” brands. I have had excellent luck with them.

Splurged and bought the 72 pod tray for my Marigolds this year….

Marigold Sprouts after a few days! These guys go directly into the pods with the potting mix and a drink of warm water. Covered them up and they stay warm and cozy.

So here’s today….can’t wait until….

Herb & Tea plus Zucchini!

Herb & Tea garden!

Corn & Taters & Peas!

Muffin loves her soft springy lawn.


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