June is bustin’ out all OOOOOOOERVERRRRRRRR!!!!

Hooray. It’s warm. And it’s stayed warm.
Here’s some updates from my world!
What’s going on in yours?
Tulips in my garden after the rain.

Lookit me! I’m artsy!

Dirty knees. Heh.

My Baby Bunnie is growing so fast!


Le sigh. A new sad neccessity after having our cars broken into.
Lookit my pretty girl. Her name is Kitty.
Sunset one night.

Because of the wildlife I plant my salads in raised beds.

Herb garden!

Yeah. Bunnies love Impatiens. This is the second planting.

Supergrover Shade Garden.

LOVE these lanterns…from Ikea…on SALE!


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