Because Cats.

So those of you that know me; know that I’m a crazy animal lover.
I volunteer with a great Rescue here in GTA – ALL PAWS – and our cats are all Rescue babies.

I drive Fridays and pick up and drop off kitties to vet apts, back to fosters, or pick up and etc etc.
So here’s some photos…because…>CATS!!!!

Georgia patiently waiting for treats.

Muffin approves the new curtains.

Georgia – I woke up like this

Lettin’ it all hang out

Georgia our chocolate brown (foster) cat

Sweetest little thing…jsut a stopover with us. 

OMG THE CUTENESS and the FLUFF!! Theo was a layover with us.

Cats. Boxes.

Super cute Coco is up for adoption!

Nonchalantly eyeing each other up.

This is my life.

Zazi (our feral foster fail) LOVES her squirrel videos.

Muffin likes to be in things.

Muffin ALSO loves to eat. Trying to decide if it’s worth the effort to get at Zazi’s dish.


Muffin’s Monday Face.

Brand new baby squirrels we rescued & got them back up in their tree.

Vamp loves the cat sheets.

The mostest adorablest kitteh in the world.


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