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It’s been a very busy and very HOT summer. For you too, I bet.
Up here in Ontario; we’re only half way through our summer. It’s wonderful.

Over the last few weeks…. it’s been almost too hot.
I do love summer. Winter can be pretty, sure…but I miss the sun on my face and the warm breezes.
And having my morning coffee on the deck. And my evening beverage on the deck.
I mean,  one could go out on the deck in January….but….not quite  the same.
but…. IT’S SUMMER!!!!
Garden is growing,

 knits are being knitted


Currently #ontheneedles

and I’ve been working on going through my stash instead of buying anything new. (Except for thread or other types of notions that require to be replaced)
I mean, like most crafters; I have SO MUCH STUFF   a pretty good stash that really, I don’t need anything new…. I have a TON of WIPS still eyeing me balefully from the UFO Basket.
Enjoy my summer catch up……

everyday this is what they do.

Thanks for the inspo Karl! Remember this when I post my new shirts!

Hair Chop!

When you’re trying to be professional but the cat has other ideas.


Dad came & we reshingled the shed!

Cucumber close up!

CN Tower! Took my out of town guests for dinner there!

So apparently I feed raccoons and not just feral cats.

I also have backyard bunnies!
Summer catch up! What’s going on in your lives? 


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