It’s not always Perfect in Blogland

      So if you’re like me it’s fun and interesting to read blogs; as it’s a window into other peoples’ lives. Or their work. And it’s always beautiful, perfect, filtered, pastel & pretty. 
And then I look around my house, and I’m like…”why doesn’t my house look like that….why doesn’t my dessert look like that…why doesn’t….” GAH!!! I mean, come on.

 No one’s home is perfect all the time.
Your desserts are gonna look like you’re a finalist on “Nailed It” every now and then. 

Gotta cut ourselves some slack.

So HERE is my work room in all it’s messy glory….
this is when I’m mid-projects, things going on, and I have to keep stopping and starting because, you know, life. 
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Le sigh. I clean up the space in front of my fabric shelf and then….this.
Oh yeah and the cats get in there and decide they’d rather have THIS spot open and then…boom. It’s a hot mess in there.
Those aren’t appliques. Those are cats.

So…don’t spend all day on Pinterest or reading blogs and then feel bad. Cuz we KNOW it’s not always perfect in Blogland.

As part of the not buying more this year; I’m upcycling some old mens’ shirts I had.

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