Piecing it all together

So if you’re reading this 
you’re either 
1. A Quilter/Sewist/Creator etc etc
2. Super bored and hitting “next” on Blogger
3. Related to me.


For me, there is no better thrill then holding sometime up and saying “I Made This.” 
Or seeing peoples’ faces light up when I give them something
 and they’re like “OMG! You *made* this?!” And I proudly nod.
I love making stuff. It makes me happy.
And it helps me think, focus and meditate on things. 
(You know, things.)
Big things, little things. 
I like thinking that what I’m making is going to keep someone warm. That they’ll reach for it when they’re watching a movie. Or when it’s just a tad chilly. Or when they’re sick and need comfort. And I hope that when they use it they feel a bit of the love and care that went into it for them. Whether or not I know them or if they were a stranger making a purchase over Etsy. I like to think about these things as I create.
So it could be said that Quilting keeps me sane! 
What about you? How does sewing or quilting or whatever creative past time help you?

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