Quilting Bucket List – and What I’ve Learned

I have a list of quilts, of varying degrees of difficulty, that I’d like to complete.
I feel like I’ve mastered the basics now, of measuring, cutting, basting and binding.
(Even though, I know myself – I get rushed and sometimes my measurments are *slightly* off…which as we know can lead to massive trouble at later stages. But I’m working on it.)
I feel though like I’m ready…..
I’m ready for more of a challenge. Here’s some of my better work, and my Bucket List….
Best quilt I’ve ever made: Road to Oklahoma Star Quilt (dear friend’s wedding gift; see the whole post here)
Starflower quilt – nearly finished!! Only started it….oh….4 years ago now!
Postage Stamp Quilt.- In Progress!

This is NOT my quilt; but I loved this dark jewel toned one.

Lone Star Quilt – Made 2; still don’t have the math/cutting precision down. I have some beautiful red, navy and white I’m going to try again with.

Here’s what they are supposed to look like.

Here’s what mine looked like. It was a “Frozen” quilt for a fundraiser. It did the job, raised lots of $$. And I was ultimately happy with the end result. More…snowflakey and fractal-ish.

But……Count the points. Somehow…I ended up with 9. On an 8 point pattern. Ahem. AND I made it twice….carefully measuring and cutting. Same result.
(I know now that 1. I’m going WAY too fast when piecing 2. Always need to use the 1/4 foot for guiding and 3. Should get an actual 3 inch wide ruler and not fold the fabric when I cut so it doesn’t “bow” in the middle.)

Dresden Plate.– Never Tried
Some different examples of the pattern.
Carpenter’s Star/Swoon – Haven’t Tried
I have a few other patterns at home I’m going to try out as well – a dear friend I don’t see enough of sent me an entire box of vintage patterns from her Grandmother (she doesn’t sew) and I can’t wait to dig through those!
And last but not least…. A Sampler Quilt. But…we’ll see. Truly will be a labour of love!!
What’s on your bucket list to sew? Link up! Post your WIPS or UFOS in the comments!

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