A New Year!

Hellooooo 2019!
Yes, I realize that it’s mid February – but it’s still new to me.
Back from vacation & ready to get sewing! I had a few custom orders over the holidays & posts will follow shortly.
My custom ordered “Heart On” quilt 

Wedding season is upon us and I have some customs to get working on.
Can’t wait to share!
The trouble makers. Muffin on the left, Vamp on the right.
Shortly before Christmas we had  one of our furbabies get super sick; turned out she was in STAGE 4 KIDNEY Failure….our hearts were breaking as we dealt with Muffin’s situation….but thanks to the excellent care at North Town Veterinaary she is on the mend and still with us. 

Muffin at the Vet. She wasn’t feeling so well.
Of course, not to be outdone her sister Vamp decided to dislocate her knee by jumping 6 feet down from our cat climber. After X-rays it’s been determined that she needs a rebuilt AND she’s got terrible arthritis….her surgery is Feb 27th. Le sigh
Needless to say…it was a very expensive Christmas & New Year’s.
Thank you to everyone that ordered from my Etsy shop to help support us during this!!
Everything is reactivated & ready to go online; feel free to drop by & peruse !
Muffin today.

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