“Heart On” Custom Design Quilt –

I love my friend Heath. 
He is smart, and funny, and one of the kindest and most generous men you will ever meet.
He also has a very naughty side (don’t we all) and every now and then….well.
I had quite a few orders for my “Sheroes” quilt just before Christmas; (post to follow) and in the midst of those I received a VERY hilarious message in the wee hours of the morning.
First off; I was like, “Huh. Never thought about that on a quilt.”
Then; “I wonder if anyone ever made this before?”
After a quick Google search; nope. Never been made (or maybe just not posted?).
So I started from scratch with some sketches. 
Worked out that HST’s would work best for shaping, and pattern.

This led to some very funny conversations with J about size and girth as I moved pieces around.

Going with a blue and purple theme (Heath’s fav colours) I decided that the design should be not noticed at first glance. 
That it should slowly dawn on you what the actual quilt is.
I decided to call it the “Heart On” Quilt….
The Quilt coming together under Muffin’s watchful eye.
Muffin came whipping through and messed up the blocks!!

Good thing she’s cute.
After Muffin decided to ‘help’ me; I realized that this was more complicated that I’d originally thought. I grabbed a giant piece of fleece to use as a design board. The fleece ‘grabs’ the fabric and so it doesn’t slide around. Also, you can roll and fold when you need to stop/start.

I was messing with the colours; going from dark to light. It wasn’t quite what I wanted though.

Getting closer.

Final layout; I like this one.

Vamp did the roll-for-comfort test. Approved.

Georgia approved.
Love love love the stained glass look when it’s back lit!
Quilt top sewn together; the blues were just glowing in the afternoon snowy light.
Testing for size on our bed. Perfect!
Brought him up on stage to give him his quilt LOLOL
 All finished. The “Heart On” Quilt for my friend, Heath.

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