Cha-cha-chaaanges….♪♫♪….LOL Now I’ve got you humming some David Bowie…….
 Here are some BEFORE photos::
My Inspo board. I hung these giant corkboards myself. Didn’t go so well; they aren’t too stable. They’ll be coming down.
Super excited.
Just before Christmas, we (finally) replaced the old bunk beds in my sewing room with a futon.
I know, I know. But we needed something that was compact, that had storage underneath and could still function when we have guests. (And it was on sale, so there was that)
I have a ton of photos from shows I’ve done and places I’ve been, plus art work; they all need to be rearranged and into proper frames. 
Tons of family photos & momentoes.
One of my Christmas gifts from my amazing husband and partner in crime…is a custom made sewing desk. To my specs. AND most importantly; my height. I’m 5’8″ with long legs so normal height desks I’m still hunching over when cutting…and that’s important when you’re cutting and trimming for days.
How my desk was set up. Crammed into a corner and no space.
I scoured Pinterest & other such design blogs to really decide what I needed. And then got lost for HOURS on there. (Anyone else do that? You’re laughing at me right now aren’t you…) I now also have serious plans for redoing our back deck LOL.
Tons of WIPS just sorta….shoved in.
My fabric is folded (ish) into colour order fabric bins. These shelves are a bit wobbly and some will be replaced.
Too much clutter. This photo was taken during spring clothes clean up. It’s not usually THIS bad I swear.
Add in the fact that we were already putting in new windows on our second floor; more light? PERFECT!
In the home stretch…. CANNOT wait to show you my New Sewing Room!
In order to cut and design fabric; I had to set up and tear down each time a portable folding table.

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