“Sheroes” Quilt!


Wonderwoman was my childhood hero. She (and some of her pals from the Justice League) used to be my invisible friends too. 
But um, I’m over that now. 
For the next generation. It was pretty spectacular.
I first found this amazing fabric a few years ago; but it languished until I found the ‘right’ idea for it.
I’m sure you do that too; that ‘special’ fabric you find and then it sits…sometimes for years…..
All the Girls are here. Batgirl, Supergirl, AND Wonderwoman.
As always, I use an African Wax Print in a black and white.
Also found this new geometrical print; so I’ve added that in .
I always reinforce the corners; especially on quilts I know kids will be using a lot.

Alternating the colours of turquoise, bright reds, and light and dark grey in the star blocks.
Here are the finishes! These are available in the shop, allow 2-3 weeks for completion!

This is the Baby version; it’s about 3.5 x 3.5

The Twin sized!

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