RUFFLE BUSTLES and a Confessional.

I feel like you should say “ruffle bustle” with a mouthful of Peeps….is that just me?!?
 LOL New  “Chubby Bunny” challenge for us crafters….
I love bustles and ruffles and all fun things like that. 
Sadly, when you wear them in your day to day, you *might* get some odd looks. 
However….if you’re feelin’ a little fancy, and wanna put some sashay into your day…tie one of THESE babies on…. ba-BOOM.
Detailing the ruffles and lace and sequins!
Ruffle bustles have been on my maker’s list for awhile now. But I always had other stuff to do. Now in my fancy new room, I can iron, pleat, sew, press & ruffle in the space of a few hours. (Okay, days but whatever).

I started messing around with fabric and lace I already had (hot pinks and fuschias.

Anyone surprised? No? Ahem.)
 and didn’t realllllllly plan this, or use a pattern.
 Just going on instinct and what I thought.
After some extreme seam ripping and googling, I realized, I’m over complicating things. 
(GASP, ME?!)

CONFESSIONAL TIME::: Sometimes I’m my own worst enemy when it comes to sewing. I can do it, nice & simply, but then….noOOoo. I have to get all fancy. Then the hilarity ensues. And by hilarity, I mean hours of frustration and seam ripping and trying to figure out why my serger hates me & won’t tighten the lower looper thread.
But I digress.
Coming soon to my shop. Simple, flirty, fun additions to your costuming wardrobe…
PLUS Sized – length is approx 22 inches and sash is 85 inches. Shown on my size 16 mannequin Bernice.
A finish!

Ties on into a super cute neat bow. Fits up to 85 inches!

Teeny tiny bows, handsewn for details!


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