Well, here we are.

Welp. There goes March.
And what a March it was.
It feels like it was 8000 days long (Thanks, Ken for that joke it’s awesome).
Still in quarantine mode and staying at home. Venturing out once a week for groceries; and afternoon walks. Making sure to social distance, of course.
In other good news, my bday is next month. Yes! I’ll be 27. (ahem). But what with the quarantining and it falling on Good Friday, I can’t imagine we’ll be doing much to celebrate.
Here’s a roundup of some projects happening here.
Finally plowing through my UFO bin….
Upcycled this sad & stained flowergirl dress into…..
BLAMMO!! Rainbow Flower Sparkle Power Dress!
Ack. I’ve had these unfinished Disney Bound CIrcle Skirts floating around forever…all done now!
Decided to finally paint the sewing room! From blah brown to…
A gorgeous bright Tiffany Blue!
Fixing my dress I made ages ago….it *shrunk*….ahem…

Something I’ve wanted to do for ages…brighten up the front door!

And of course, a little bit of knits in the evenings.

What’re you working on? Feel free to link up in the comments!

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