Happy Half Price Chooolate Day! & some ramblings.

No matter what you celebrate, today is traditionally HALF PRICE Easter chocolate day!
This year, of course, it’s a tad different.
Yep, still quarantining. Which is good. NOT complaining. Doing our part to flatten the curve.
Ontario just announced another full 21 days, so that brings us to…mid-May.
I think the biggest realization (and biggest adjustment to make, for me) was how much time and money I would just waste ‘running out’ to just get ‘one thing’ and then be out at the shops for, oh, you know. Like hours. Anyone else?
I was fine the first week, it was great! A whole week off. I got a lot done. 
But then the restrictions shut down everything and so I couldn’t just ‘run out’ anymore. 
Being forced to use what we have on hand. Made me realize, full stop- 
How. Fortunate. We. Are.
We have food, toilet paper, supplies to make stuff, I can sew, I can fix things, I can watch all the tv & internet I want. 
It’s made me realize what’s truly truly truly important.
 (I know, you thought I was gonna say Outrageous)
SO of course I’m using the time to plan new projects   go through my bins and bins of Unfinished Objects and Works In Progress.
Wednesdays I’m gonna do WIP Wednesdays here & on IG
Fridays, FIF (finish it up Fridays) here and on IG.
Sure we might miss one or two, but that’s okay.
Link up, post your FIFS and WIPS!
We are separated, but we are together!!!

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