WIP WEDNESDAYS…….Rainbow Postage Stamp Quilt WIP….

And now it’s April; Easter has come and gone.
The world is a different place; and we are all adapting.
Some days, I’ve got a lot of energy, and buckle down and sew, sew, sew.
Other days, I have my coffee, watch the birds, and just sort of…wander around.
I’m doing my best though to plow through all my old projects…my WIPS, UFOS and other planned items. 
This is an old unfinished post I found sitting in my Drafts; from  *gasp* August 2018! 
I had a “Postage Stamp Quilt* on my bucket list; but let’s be honest; I’m waaaay too impatient to fussy cut 2 inch x 2 inch squares.
So I…cheated. LOL. Bought a jellyroll of 2 inch strips.
Put them in rainbow order and here you go! 
I’ll post the finish on an upcoming Finish it Up Friday 🙂
The photos are the ones I originally had; they are dark & unedited;
 I think honestly is sometimes good in blog posts.
I hope you’re doing as good as you can be during this, Link up & show me what You are working on!
Sewed the strips in colour order; and then cut them into strips.
Reattached them & added sashing.

I honestly think I made the borders way too wide. I might pull it apart and narrow them.

Yes, Yes, I know. I need to trim those threads.

Excellent supervisors.


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