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By Shannyn Kelly
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It’s Wednesday again!
Crazy how fast time is moving !
 I know I always say that but…it really is going fast, even in this time of quarantine.
I think the hardest thing during this time of isolation is missing our family & friends. 
While our day-to-day working has pause, Life has not. 
Birthdays, Births, Deaths….things are still going on.
My heart breaks for those losing their parents & loved ones during this time. 
I know things will get better; and I don’t mean to be all serious. 
And there are ways we can still see each other; online, video calls, etc etc. 
And for now the mail service is still working, so we can even send little gifts in the mail to people!
(Properly sanitized, of course!)
I have a few projects for gifts I can’t post yet. But in the meantime…
I’ve been doing lots of little alterations this week. You know…finally mending pants, hemming jeans, altering tops, etc etc etc.
I always have excellent help in the sewing room.

So it’s WIP Wednesday where you can post your progress, or link up with your recent posts!
Separate but Together!

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