Hi! I’m Shannyn. My long time nickname is Bunnie.

Animal rescues have had their fundraising opportunities disappear overnight in the wake of this pandemic.

$5 from each Mask purchase goes directly to support Procyon Wildlife Rehab Centre or All Paws Animal Rescue.

As I re-open my shop with other items, I will continue to donate $5 from EVERY purchase.

If you are interested in working with me to raise funds for your animal rescue, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Not-For-Profits are invited to reach out – this is an excellent fundraising opportunity.


Small home based business based in Brampton, ON.

I make heirloom quilts, costumes, and am available for consult on your cosplay creations.

For fun behind-the-scenes, please visit my social media accounts!

Sillyness & Creating Videos on Tiktok   

Very Lovely Photos, Contests & More on Instagram

Any questions? Reach out to me contact@wonderbunniedesigns.com

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