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Getting into the Hallowe’en Spirit.

Wonderbunnie Designs is a small home-based sewing company located in Brampton, ON.

I love love love to sew! I love fabric!

And most of all, I love to hear that gasp of “OH EM GEE” when people find that unique & superfun item I’ve made seemingly, just for them.

Sewing is my passion & my long time creative outlet. I’ve been lucky to make everything from unique custom Historical Bridal Gowns, to Cosplay , to drop dead gorgeous Drag costumes to treasured custom heirloom Quilts.

I also love animals, which is why when the pandemic hit, and  animal rescues had their fundraising opportunities disappear overnight, I started to make masks, and donated $5 from each and every mask to several different Rescues.

After sewing non stop for nearly two years, and raising over $25,000, I continue to raise funds by donating $5 from every purchase  to support Procyon Wildlife Rehab Centre or All Paws Animal Rescue. 

If you are interested in working with me to raise funds for your animal rescue, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Not-For-Profits are invited to reach out – this is an excellent fundraising opportunity.

I met the Princesses. I lost my mind.

I make heirloom quilts, costumes, and am available for consult on your cosplay creations.

For fun behind-the-scenes, please visit my social media accounts!

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/wonderbunnie_designs

Sillyness & Creating Videos on Tiktok   

Any questions? Big orders? Consult on design? shannynk@wonderbunniedesigns.com

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