3-Pack Disneybounding Princess Hair Scrunchies




If you’re a fan of Disney, and LOVE to Disneybound…I put these together for you!

Puffy & Perky, with strong interior elastic & will hold even thick hair.

Larger than the ‘average’ scrunchies; mine are between 4.5-6 inches in pouffage.

Satin scrunchies, you can mix & match, and *even* get them to match your mask!

Packs of 3 Disney Princess Bounds for 12.99! **Sorry, ears not included!

Full Sets of 12 or 24 Disney Princess Scrunchies also available!

Ariel 1: 1 Green Satin, 2 Scale Iridescent

Anna Frozen 1:  1 Black Linen, 1 Satin Rose, 1 Satin Royal Blue

Belle 1: 1 Satin Daffodil Yellow, 1 Satin Cream, 1 Gold Brocade

Briar Rose: 1 Rich Brown Satin, 1 Natural Linen, 1 Cream Satin

Cinderella: 1 Cream Satin, 1 Ice Blue Satin, 1 Royal Blue Satin

Elsa Frozen 1: 1 Ice Blue Satin, 1 Royal Cream Satin, 1 Iridescent Blue Shine

Elsa Frozen 2: 1 Cream Satin, 1 Iridescent Sparkle Sequin, 1 Iridescent Blue Shine

Jane: 1 Daffodil Yellow Satin, 1 Rich Brown Satin, 1 Natural Linen

Jasmine: 1 Cream Satin, 1 Ice Blue Satin, 1 Royal Blue Satin

Mulan (animated) ” 1 Rose Satin, 1 Green Satin, 1 Cream Satin

Rapunzel: 1 Rose Satin, 1 Icing Pink Satin, 1 Med Purple Satin

Sleeping Beauty (Make it Pink): 1 Rose Satin, 1 Icing Pink Satin, 1 Bright Pink Satin

Tiana 1 Cream Satin, 1 Med Green Satin, 1 Daffodil Yellow Satin

More variations coming soon – if you have one you’d like to see please message me!



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Anna Frozen 1, Ariel 1, Belle 1, Briar Rose, Cinderella, Elsa Frozen 1, Elsa Frozen 2, Jane, Mulan (Animated), Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Tiana


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