Rainbow Starflower Quilt

Back in 2010, when I had just discovered the amazing Blogging world; I stumbled upon all these wonderful Quilting Blogs. Several I read daily, some I read weekly. But one has helped me with detailed and patient tutorials….  and that site is Ellison Lane, by Jennifer Mathis. As a beginner; her tutorials are so clearly written, and easy to understand, I was inspired and encouraged.  And THIS block, in particular, caught my attention. I love bright colours. I love rainbows, I love stars. I love it all!! And so I…

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life stuff recipe

Happy New Year, and Chicken Soup!

Okay so I know it’s not exactly NEW Year’s anymore but…hey, we’re only ten days in, so it’s still pretty new. It’s been a crazy couple of months here – with holidays, ice storms, snow storms, working retail, then WOOHOO getting a icky yucky cold. I hate being sick. Who doesn’t! A few quilt finishes for gifts – one super bright Holiday theme for my Mom; to brighten up her room. Institutions are so drab and grey ( and don’t even ask about the smell….ack) so I found  some super…

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rail fence vintage zoo

New in Shop!

    Here’s some pics of what’s new in my Etsy shop!           Candy Kisses Throw Pillows! This is the back. 🙂 Double/Full Quilt Top *WIP not in shop yet* Festive Fun! Lions and Tigers and Monkeys baby quilt Under the Sea Baby Quilt Twin with Drape or Full no drape Irish Chain Moda Pastel Brights Windows Quilt

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It’s not a Quilt

But; I made this! I don’t know where the idea came from but suddenly, I needed to make this.     I used my phone to take this pic; not the greatest quality. But it really is super cute. It’s scrap fabric used as matting around a page I pulled from a magazine. The black frame isn’t the best for it, but it’s what I had around….whaddaya think?  Am I on to something? Feel free to take this idea and run with it! And I did do work on quilts…

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pattern rail fence sew sewing WIP

WIP Wednesday

Well this week flew by.But today, I was VERY productive. RiDiCuLoUsLy productive.   All tested for Snuggleability and Comforbleness ALL quilts carefully inspected by #12 and #7 I finished finished finished a Fabulous 9 Patch/Rail Fence Hybrid that is a special order for someone for Christmas whom I cannot mention…heh…. but it shall be shipped out tomoro. I also finished FINISHED! My Pink Stripes Reversible lap quilt for ME yaY! (even though, it’s gonna be taken over by the cat, this I know already) and the pics are below! I…

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It’s Wednesday…AGAIN!

Oh dear. Where did the week go???? Well I sorta know where it went; my days were spent working on Freds’ Mom’s Quilt; or (FMQ) and nights were rehearsing the Haunted Hayride show over at the Pioneer Village in the Big City nearby. (I have mentioned that I’m a performer, yes?)The show opened last weekend; and the rehearsals were pretty hectic. The show itself takes place at various stages around the village and it’s of course, all outdoors. Mostly the weather co-operated but we did have one absolutely miserable night…

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sewing WIP

I almost forgot…WIP Wednesdays

A few other quilting blogs I read (okay stop laughing) that are pretty great reads and fab inspiration – they do this thing called “Work In Progress (WIP) Wednesdays”. And I think it’s a great idea. So here’s my list of WIPS:Finish Fred’s Mom’s Quilt – finish stippling, neaten and bind. Finish cutting and start to sew D’s quilt.Decide on a pattern and cut K’s quilt.Finish cutting L’s quilt. Pattern is decided.*Actually I’m doing two of L’s quilt as they are both awesome patterns and I know two ppl who…

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Quilt for Fred’s Mom … PT 2

Or, A Frustrating Day of Sewing GRRRRRRRRR….. Is there ANYTHING more frustrating than the simplest of things that will NOT work right?? GRRRRR. The last two days were a sewing trial….a nightmare. The completed quilt top had ‘bubbles’ in it. So…….I wanted to fix them, of course. 6 HOURS LATER….after ripping and reripping and resetting and resetting and ironing and re ironing and( GRRRR A TEMPER TANTRUM which involved jumping up and down and much flailing) having to rebuilt two blocks and reposition…the simplest of simple layouts was done. Sort…

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