One Dish Saucy Chickin’

Y’all need your best Paula Deen southern drawl now….g’wan, trah iyit….. This is the easiest, most crowd pleasin’ dish you’ll ever make. It’s also a great weeknight idea if you’ve suddenly got company coming, or forgot to hit the shops on the way home ‘cuz you’ve prob’ly got all these ingredients in your panty/fridge. If you need to double the recipe, use two dishes; one for the taters and veggies, and one for the onions, garlic and chickin’. ( It’s also a GREAT “first dinner” recipe cuz it’s really, really,…

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knitting scarf

Easy Cotton Infinity Scarf…and a tutorial!

They’re everywhere. Infinity scarves. Don’t resist. You can’t resist. You really shouldn’t anyway. As a former fashion consultant; let me tell ya. A scarf can really update your outfit, make a statement, and change your look in one of the easiest possible ways. Check it out. A simple 3/4 sleeve T is instantly updated. As you prolly already know…I am in LOVE with the “Outlander” TV series. It inspired me to knit up some infinity scarves like a maniac recently. See? Look how happy wearing a scarf makes you. You…

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