……….grateful for….My Town

Okay so technically, Brampton isn’t really a town. It’s city. With over 640,000 people in it. That’s a lot. And we’re part of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) here in the southern part of Ontario. So, thats like, another 6-9 million people. Thats a lot of people. But the cool thing is, Brampton is like a small town. We can go places and run into people we know. I like that. Hey look, it’s the Mayor Linda J!! Farmers Market My street; the heritage section. Brampton’s as old as Canada…

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pattern sewing

2015 Skillbuilding – January’s Goal – To get Organized

**Warning. Terrible, terrible photos are at the bottom of this post.  They may be disturbing to some readers!!!** I will admit it. I make messes when I work. And…I *really* need to get into the habit of cleaning as I go. That is, putting things back where I got them when I use them. Not leaving things out, in piles. Everywhere. Is this anyone else or is it just me?  What are your surefire ways to stay organized? So this is January’s Skill to build, you may or may not …

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Sew Sisters

Blogathon Canada!!

From the Sew Sisters Quilt Shop Blog!!  Let’s Celebrate Canadian Quilting Bloggers! Find new blogs, make new friends and win amazing prizes! Here’s how it works:Each day host bloggers will introduce themselves and their work on their blogs. They will include links to more blogs from their province so you can visit those blogs as well. The host bloggers will also host a giveaway of some of their favorite goodies from the Sew Sisters Quilt Shop so you have a chance to win every day of the week! Not only…

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Wait….where did Summer Go???? Warning; lots of photos!

SO I’ve been off work for two months now.  And at first, while scary, I was super excited to be able to actually get work done, finish off my UFOs, fix up stuff around the house, and above all, CLEAN up and out my sewing room.   (And I’m not gonna lie. Having the summer off?? This is the stuff dreams are made of.) Garden Shed before Painting  I had a long list of Things To Do. This is my tiny but mighty back yard. All Primed up.  Repaint the…

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Super Awesome Fabric Store

Oh wow. Guys.  There is this store. It’s like, awesome. Wow. It’s so amazing I can’t even barely type about it Or, speak coherently apparently. Jagjit Fabrics in Brampton.  Wow. Just, wow. It’s amazing. It has everything. It’s got every type of fabric you could possibly imagine. From plain shirting to fancy dress….every colour every imaginable pattern. Oh, you need trim?? Shelves over 15 feet high dripping with trims, laces, sequins… you name it. Silks, satins, fancy laces, sequin trims, velvets, yards and yards of cottons, voiles…oh man. I was…

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Saturday in Photos

The sun was shining, a beautiful day To walk downtown to the Farmers Market Sunny Blue Skies People enjoying the day, and each other These onions caught my eye My new BFF Sefora; from the Co-op & REFIF #Refif So gorgeous….but I resisted…. It wasn’t easy. I did *not* resist. Who could? It’s Kettle Crack Corn! One of the best kept secrets in downtown Brampton; handicrafts for cheap! Reflected back at me via City Hall And home again, with the Mighty Muffin in the window! #lovemygarden

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