Catching Up with Photos

I Yep so here it is May.  And I barely wrote a word last month. Well that’s not entirely true. I started teaching again and that meant two adjusted scripts to write, and I’m working on a new Murder Mystery for THIS:Murder on the Train . AND…we had a new addition to our family and she needed a lot of loving care.  I also got very, very sick; some sort of bronchial thang that really knocked me out. And sometimes….I don’t know about you…but sometimes, I just don’t have *it*…

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sew sewing room WIP

Spring (!!!) Cleaning

It started snowing overnight….yesterday it was plus 8!!   Today…. cold and it’s snowed alllllll day. So, THIS happened outside. It didn’t stop until oh, 7pm. SO, since I was snowed in, I decided to finally, FINALLY attack my Sewing Room of Doom. Since I moved in back in May, I haven’t really had time to git in here and go thru stuff. Like, the filing cabinet. And um, bins and bins of fabric. I’m so embarrassed by how much of an explosion I created I couldn’t even post photos.…

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life wonderbunnie

From the Past: Saturday, July 15, 2006

Saturday, July 15, 2006  Overwhelmed Current mood:stunned into activity ever feel like there is just so much to do that you just have to take a nap?? i’m overwhelmed. do i take too much on? i dunno. because if i don’t do it, who will? sometimes i feel like i am the only sane one in my family, and for those of you that know me; that’s saying a lot. there are costumes to be sewed, in a pile of cut out pieces mocking me as i desperately try to…

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