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Hooray hooray!! The first Farmer’s Market of the year for us in Brampton was yesterday.  It was SO wonderful to stroll down the street surrounded by all this beauty & bounty. I love me my food; so forgive me if I wax poetic about it. It also made me realize how dang fortunate we are to live where we do. Our soil, our land, our climate. (Yeah; even the -40C winters) But that’s another topic for another day. Now, I love my backyard.  Except it’s kinda small. And veryyyyyy shady.…

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The Door

………………You hesitantly place your hand on the doorknob..and it seems like the buzzing is getting louder. Closing your eyes and taking a deep breath, you slowly turn the knob. You enter into a big kitchen, with white walls and a big patio door which shows you that the buzzing was just Jay with the lawnmower…….. Ha. Sorry. Slice of life there. My favourite part of summer is the fruit & veggies. And the warm. Oh, the glorious warm!!!! But I digress.  This is a crowd favourite and SO easy to…

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Garlicky Lemony Pasta

  Yay Summer!! I am *not* a cold weather person. At all. I love summer. Sun, wind, heat, blue skies….cooking outdoors, and the FRESH PRODUCE….yummmm. And Lemons. Lemons? Lemons. They mean summer, right? Lemonade, Lemon ices, Lemon pasta….(it’s not just me, is it??) Sometimes however, it’s just too hot. Like, no, I’m not gonna grill over a 400 degree BBQ on my deck that’s also super heated. And no way am I gonna heat up the kitchen by using the oven. But pastas…pastas are perfect. AND you can eat them…

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Make Your Own Tomato Sauce

There’s a great song “Home Grown Tomatoes” By Guy Clark….  And I totally agree! Funny enough; I don’t really like to eat raw tomatoes. But I love me my tomato soup. With lots of crackers. My sauce garden!  And there’s nothing in the world like a good old fashioned home grown tomato sauce! Sauce in progress! My Mom’s old kitchen; not a lot of space but we managed. Great Tomato Sauce 8-10 nice juicy ripe Tomatoes – cored, chopped, ready to use OR 3 Large cans chopped tomatoes Two large…

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One Dish Saucy Chickin’

Y’all need your best Paula Deen southern drawl now….g’wan, trah iyit….. This is the easiest, most crowd pleasin’ dish you’ll ever make. It’s also a great weeknight idea if you’ve suddenly got company coming, or forgot to hit the shops on the way home ‘cuz you’ve prob’ly got all these ingredients in your panty/fridge. If you need to double the recipe, use two dishes; one for the taters and veggies, and one for the onions, garlic and chickin’. ( It’s also a GREAT “first dinner” recipe cuz it’s really, really,…

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Hearty Beefy Onion Soup

I must be really attuned to my Inner Furry Woodland Creature Instincts. That’s gotta be it. Why else as soon as Fall hits do I have this incredible urge to gather & preserve food for the winter? So yeah, that must be it. Last week was the Gumbo this week it’s Soup. Warning; there may be more posts to come…..:) This recipe is yummy, smells great whilst cooking, and is unbelievably easy. And especially take advantage of your local farmer’s markets as fall staples are SUPER cheap right now. Perfect…

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A day off!

Woot. What is nicer than waking up in the morning and remembering it’s Your Day Off.                              Yay! Started off the day nice n easy, with coffee on the couch with the cat. 🙂Did some gardening….did some cleaning….the Best Electrician in the world came by to fix the bathroom fan, and we chatted fer a bit….and I made my List of Things to Do Today…which got me all excited cuz I’m gonna make my Tomater Sauce tomoro!I love to cook and to bake. I love to eat, so that seems…

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