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How many bobbins can one spool of Gutermann 1000m thread wind? *not a sponsored post* I just really like Gutermann for the quality & longevity of their thread. I’ve only ever used it, even though I’ve tried other brands, but I come back to this one. I made costumes for a show about 25 years ago, and they are STILL going strong, after literally thousands of washes. The fabric wears out before the seams do. So when I quilt or sew anything, I’m using Gutermann. …fun fact….I’ve been keeping all…

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Technology ate my blog posts!

I was working on set a lot this week; and had written several blog posts to upload later on my Ipad. Nothing is more annoying than hitting “Save” and then… disappears. (I realized later on why, which isn’t important now. But…lesson learned!) So this week, no quilting….but Lots and LOTS of costuming for some darling girls I happen to know. Renaissance-themed little dresses and some skirts & wee bags for them. I get to visit them next week when I’m off to sunny southern Florida for a little winter break.…

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Trimming….Not the Tree Kind

Well I *suppose* you could use these gorgeous trims to trim your tree. They’re sparkly enough! At one of my favourite fabric shops; (see this post here) they had a pre-Christmas Get-Your-Sewing-Started Sale. (And; they do not sponsor me. Heck they don’t even know I exist. But I love them.) Everything in the store was 2-3-4-5-10 dollars a yard. Satins, Lace & Sequined applique Net, Lace panels….FIVE BUCKS..GORGEOUS stretch velvets – FIVE BUCKS! Cottons! THREE BUCKS!!! and the Bestest part…..the most awesomest part….was The Trim. Shining sequins, beading, gold &…

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Bloomers Photo Shoot – Behind the Scenes

So many moons ago I had a small pop up shoppe at a few local historial shows. My booth was “Madame Fifi’s Froufrous” and we sold bloomers, parasols, fans, etc.  I have had these bloomers kicking around for awhile begging to be put up on Etsy.  And so today, I did! Mini photoshoot in my kitchen; here’s some Behind-The-Scenes sillyness for your Friday.  (The whole time I was thinking…gee I hope no neighbours can see in through my windows watching me trying to do silly things whilst photo-taking, in my…

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Work in Progress Wednesday

#wipwednesday in photos    Big pile o bloomers to be photographed and added to my Etsy page. Perfect for Reenactors, Rennies, theatre and more!   ‘Shattered’ blocks, in progress. More on these later.   String quilt all put together, just needs borders and …everything else. Lol. What are you working on today?

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