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Baked Maple Donuts with Maple Glaze

…………I have a serious confession here folks. This might get me in trouble with a lot of people. It definately pushes me down the “How Canadian Are YOU” list. Here it is. *deep breath* THERE. I said it. (waiting for lightning to strike me down) No? Okay. I do admit I like Maple Syrup. The real deal though not that ‘maple flavouring’ stuff. But in general, I don’t like maple donuts, maple coffee flavour, or maple candies, etc etc. So when I was asked if I could do a special…

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Catching Up with Photos

I Yep so here it is May.  And I barely wrote a word last month. Well that’s not entirely true. I started teaching again and that meant two adjusted scripts to write, and I’m working on a new Murder Mystery for THIS:Murder on the Train . AND…we had a new addition to our family and she needed a lot of loving care.  I also got very, very sick; some sort of bronchial thang that really knocked me out. And sometimes….I don’t know about you…but sometimes, I just don’t have *it*…

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