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Handmade Homemade Christmas Traditions Pt 2

I love to do a handmade Christmas.  I mean, let’s face it. We all of us mostly have everything we need. And these days, if we need something, usually, we can just run down to the nearest big box and grab it. And handmade or homemade gifts, well, they’re just that extra special touch for the holidays. I remember as kids; my next door neighbours always made trays of cookies, treats and  handmade ornaments for the trees for us. And I remember ‘helpin’ in the kitchen as Mom made up…

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Holiday Traditions.. Life!

The older we get, the more ‘traditions’ become important to us.Everyone has theirs…what are yours? Recently, I’ve had a lot of changes in my world. Moving countries, moving cities, ailing parent, career changes… you name it. So, traditions … now…. with all the changes, everything that WAS is now…Different. SO, time to create NEW traditions!!!!  In my NEW home!  With my NEW Fiance!!! ( Well, he’s not new. But being engaged sure is. 🙂 ) Me an’ Mr.J go out to skate in the park, and drive around and look…

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Happy New Year, and Chicken Soup!

Okay so I know it’s not exactly NEW Year’s anymore but…hey, we’re only ten days in, so it’s still pretty new. It’s been a crazy couple of months here – with holidays, ice storms, snow storms, working retail, then WOOHOO getting a icky yucky cold. I hate being sick. Who doesn’t! A few quilt finishes for gifts – one super bright Holiday theme for my Mom; to brighten up her room. Institutions are so drab and grey ( and don’t even ask about the smell….ack) so I found  some super…

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Rainbow Around the World and Other Stuff

YAY! I’m pretty excited and proud about my First Big Finished Quilt. It’s double sized and it’s for my baby brother (who is 30 ha ha ha) and it’s his Christmas present.Here’s some pics of the my journey making my first real patterned quilt, “Around the World”.  I found some jellyrolls on sale and KNEW I had to make something with them. I worked and tried to concentrate hard on the pattern but if you look carefully you can see where I mixed up a row…strip pieced and machine sewed;…

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