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How many bobbins can one spool of Gutermann 1000m thread wind? *not a sponsored post* I just really like Gutermann for the quality & longevity of their thread. I’ve only ever used it, even though I’ve tried other brands, but I come back to this one. I made costumes for a show about 25 years ago, and they are STILL going strong, after literally thousands of washes. The fabric wears out before the seams do. So when I quilt or sew anything, I’m using Gutermann. …fun fact….I’ve been keeping all…

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Make Your Own Tomato Sauce

There’s a great song “Home Grown Tomatoes” By Guy Clark….  And I totally agree! Funny enough; I don’t really like to eat raw tomatoes. But I love me my tomato soup. With lots of crackers. My sauce garden!  And there’s nothing in the world like a good old fashioned home grown tomato sauce! Sauce in progress! My Mom’s old kitchen; not a lot of space but we managed. Great Tomato Sauce 8-10 nice juicy ripe Tomatoes – cored, chopped, ready to use OR 3 Large cans chopped tomatoes Two large…

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2015 Skillbuilding – January’s Goal – To get Organized

**Warning. Terrible, terrible photos are at the bottom of this post.  They may be disturbing to some readers!!!** I will admit it. I make messes when I work. And…I *really* need to get into the habit of cleaning as I go. That is, putting things back where I got them when I use them. Not leaving things out, in piles. Everywhere. Is this anyone else or is it just me?  What are your surefire ways to stay organized? So this is January’s Skill to build, you may or may not …

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Planning the Year

I’m an Aries. So, I almost always bite off more than I can chew. Usually, anyway. I start out with grandiose plans and then have to scale back somewhat. I like to make lists to help me keep focused, and I usually put easy stuff on there that I’m always going to accomplish…like………… “Pet Cats” …”Make Coffee”….you get the picture. So, this year is going to be the year that I slow down and focus a little more. Focus on friends, in person, not always online. Focus on building skills,…

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Cozy Cottage Quilt….in progress!

======================================================================== Last week Mr. J. brought up a very good point. All my quilts are, well, girly. So, maybe there IS a lot of…pink. But what’s wrong with that?? Well this week I have thought about what would make a quilt more Should it be pine-scented? Flannel? Vintage Car themed?  Sewn whilst wearing a white t-shirt with the sleeves rolled up covered in grease? Ain’t he a cutie!! But…I digress.  So I did some research; and while I generally don’t like gender-specific roles/colour palettes….I noticed that ‘masculine’ in the colour…

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Fancy’in Up The House! Pillow Tutorial

 I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  I love to decorate and bake and give and sit in the sparkle.  Decorating the house is a lot of fun….and I found the easiest, most funnest, super simplest tutorial that looks AMAZING when they’re done….. SPROCKET PILLOWS!!! I made a few for gifts last year, and when I pulled out mine to add to our festive decor, I *knew* I had to share the joy of making them. Even if you’re not a strong in the sewing area; this is…

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Strippin’ in Black and White

Nope…it’s not what you think. Or…maybe it is! It was recently brought to my attention that my Etsy shop is overloaded with (ahem) ‘girly stuff’.  Vintage sheet Pink Rail fence I realized….. that’s very true.  There’s a lot of pinks and pastels and shall we say, more feminine quilts and things on there. Not so much for in the Manly Men department. So I am working on that discrepancy this week! Here’s a sneak peek: Strip Quilts come together quickly! I cut some of my fav black and white fabrics…

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Which comes first – fabric or pattern?

I have a question to pose to all the quilters out there…. what   comes first for you? Do you find gorgeous fabrics INSPIRE you to create and then you grab the pattern? Or do intricate design patterns INSPIRE you to pull fabrics and then you create? I found this fabric and fell in love. I didn’t want to cut it at first. For me, I think that it’s the fabric that inspires the pattern. But wait…sometimes when I peruse blogs online I see patterns that just yell at me to…

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Trimming….Not the Tree Kind

Well I *suppose* you could use these gorgeous trims to trim your tree. They’re sparkly enough! At one of my favourite fabric shops; (see this post here) they had a pre-Christmas Get-Your-Sewing-Started Sale. (And; they do not sponsor me. Heck they don’t even know I exist. But I love them.) Everything in the store was 2-3-4-5-10 dollars a yard. Satins, Lace & Sequined applique Net, Lace panels….FIVE BUCKS..GORGEOUS stretch velvets – FIVE BUCKS! Cottons! THREE BUCKS!!! and the Bestest part…..the most awesomest part….was The Trim. Shining sequins, beading, gold &…

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Sew Sisters

Blogathon Canada!!

From the Sew Sisters Quilt Shop Blog!!  Let’s Celebrate Canadian Quilting Bloggers! Find new blogs, make new friends and win amazing prizes! Here’s how it works:Each day host bloggers will introduce themselves and their work on their blogs. They will include links to more blogs from their province so you can visit those blogs as well. The host bloggers will also host a giveaway of some of their favorite goodies from the Sew Sisters Quilt Shop so you have a chance to win every day of the week! Not only…

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