pattern sew strip quilt

Strippin’ in Black and White….Part Deux

It started Saturday….. As I stared into my stash of fabric….. thinking….masculine….masculine…..   Progressed into new slabs of strip fabrics…… And then…. Voila!!  Now yes the photo is pretty wonky; the cat tore across the dang thing *just* as I got to the top of the stairs to take the photo. So it’s straight, lol I swear. I will be finishing this up today and updating the photos as I go!

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Nine patch sewing space vintage sheet WIP

Works in Progress

Black & White & Red all over Disappearing 9 Patch Baby quilt. Not quite finished, WIP! Summer Quilt for my Mama; layout stage. Muffin is a good helper. Ever have a moment when you see fabric and you OOOOH out loud?! Yeah. This one I might have to keep! Muffin approved. My sewing room; the cutting table is a fold up that goes away  so we can still use the room for guests.

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A Sailin’ We Shall Go…

I live in SW Ontario and our Fabric shoppes are few and far between. In our town we have a tiny but sturdy small shop, that’s been in the fabric biz forever. And they’re great. But sometimes, you just need something different. Nearby is the wonderful Lens Mills; it’s about a half hour, and it has a HUGE selection of any kind of fabric you could ever want or need. It’s crowded, and dusty, and the lighting is terrible, but it’s so much fun so poke about and the women…

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