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2015 Skillbuilding – January’s Goal – To get Organized

**Warning. Terrible, terrible photos are at the bottom of this post.  They may be disturbing to some readers!!!** I will admit it. I make messes when I work. And…I *really* need to get into the habit of cleaning as I go. That is, putting things back where I got them when I use them. Not leaving things out, in piles. Everywhere. Is this anyone else or is it just me?  What are your surefire ways to stay organized? So this is January’s Skill to build, you may or may not …

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I love the start of a New Year.  Possibilities are endless! (Except….when you try to sew in a zipper, or do a fancy seam and realize, uh oh.  This might be a little more challenging than I thought.) So I am going to pick one skill a month or so and totally work through it, as much as I can. Starting with small projects and setting goals for big projects, incorporating the skills learned as we go! Who wants to join in?     Let’s share what we learn & make!…

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