Well; THAT happened

So 2015 has nearly disappeared in a puff of sparkly pink glitter and wedding favours…. Did I forget to mention? I got MARRIED ! Wednesday, November 4th to be exact, at Disney’s Wedding Pavilion in Florida, at WDW. And how was it?? Perfect. Absolutely perfect day….perfect wedding ceremony, perfect dinner, just…perfect. (Oh yeah; There was lots of other stuff happening; crafting, gardening, and other stuff. And lots of filmwork and other gigs, too. More on that later as I catch up.) But for right now, here’s some  Wedding fun….:) My…

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Catching Up with Photos

I Yep so here it is May.  And I barely wrote a word last month. Well that’s not entirely true. I started teaching again and that meant two adjusted scripts to write, and I’m working on a new Murder Mystery for THIS:Murder on the Train . AND…we had a new addition to our family and she needed a lot of loving care.  I also got very, very sick; some sort of bronchial thang that really knocked me out. And sometimes….I don’t know about you…but sometimes, I just don’t have *it*…

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life sewing

Planning the Year

I’m an Aries. So, I almost always bite off more than I can chew. Usually, anyway. I start out with grandiose plans and then have to scale back somewhat. I like to make lists to help me keep focused, and I usually put easy stuff on there that I’m always going to accomplish…like………… “Pet Cats” …”Make Coffee”….you get the picture. So, this year is going to be the year that I slow down and focus a little more. Focus on friends, in person, not always online. Focus on building skills,…

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It rains, and then pours

Well Hi!**This was a draft I had saved and forgot to post from June 9th** It’s been a bit since I’ve last posted; let me tell ya; when it rains, it POURS.  Life can get away from you sometimes, and even with the best of intentions all my fav and wonderful crafty things have to get put down and put away. SO let’s see: After the HBBA (Home Based Business Association – GREAT group) Home & Health show in May; I needed to step back for a bit from sewing.…

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